First of all, a big thank you for visiting my new stories section; I’m really happy that you’re here!

Apart from all the amazing sights you get to see while traveling, one of the things I love most is having the chance to learn about a country and its culture by experiencing it first hand. When we travel, we all leave home with a set of preconceived ideas and expectations that set the tone of our whole trip. From personal experience I’ve found that sometimes, whatever I knew about a country (or city) was a bit like the information the last person receives on Chinese whispers – or telephone. We all know how that turns out, don’t we?

What better way to find out the whole picture than to travel to those places and discover for yourself? And that’s what I do. In this section I’ll be sharing my experiences through stories and photos, to hopefully inspire you to take the chance and discover for yourself!

Join me on this journey and share your thoughts and experiences if you’ve ever felt the same.


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