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3 things I didn’t think I would say after visiting Berlin

Berliners? The first words that would pop in my mind, consciously or not, were cold, technical and bratwurst. As it turns out though, I was far, far away from seeing the whole picture. One weekend in Berlin was enough to rewrwite a fresh new batch of words in my mind. Here’s 3 of them below:


After seeing the first two groups of beetle owners cheerfully riding their cars through the city and waving at us, I started realising that this was not just a car club thing. Classic cars, cult classics and Vespas are all around the city and most of their owners ae quirky, making a show wherever they went. 

It was incredibly fun to see how they expressed their technical side in such a creative and playful way. You can see everything from flower power decorations to convertible Trabies and even a Trabant limousine (it must have took at least four Trabies for this one).

I thought I loved classic cars, but Berliners seem to love them even more than me.


Art is everywhere. Really. Literally around every corner. 

It’s impossible to walk around the city even for a couple of hours and not be amazed by all the street art. Being a big fan of contemporary art, I paid particular attention to how Berlin seems to use paint instead of words to put forward painful, hard to discuss issues. Walking through Berlin is literally walking through an art gallery, charged with political and social issues. 

 Healing your historical scars through art and putting it on display for everyone to see is a courageous act. Your heart drops when you think of what these people have gone through, but you do end up leaving with a feeling of hope.


Schnitzel and bratwurst? Yes, but so much more besides them! 

I’m not denying it, sometimes you could say I travel solely for the food. And the Berlin food scene is truly a round the world trip. You can eat anything from Vietnamese to Turkish food and it’s delicious! It also probably helps that it’s not as expensive as London.

Vegan capital of the world? It could surely be it, as I have never in my travels seen so many restaurants offering vegan options. There is even a vegan bratwurst! Can you believe it? Ok, now I’m hungry again…

I am very curious to see if other cities in Germany are like Berlin or totally different. If you’ve been to any others, please let me know how they fit my impressions above. What should the next destination be?

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