Mihai Simionicã

Travel and architectural photographer based in London, shooting worldwide

Who is Mihai?

Documentarist, visual story teller, photo geek, fascinated by the sea, lover of architecture, problem solver, educator, student, believer in old-school honesty, terrible at hiding my real feelings and (mis)guided by the motto: 'How hard can it be? Let's try and find out!' 

I believe the more you think you know, the more you need to learn. I believe the more you can teach, the more humble you need to be. I believe in listening more than speaking. I believe in looking deeper than the surface. I believe in pursuing your Tao and I believe the world needs more Ansel Adams and Gary Vaynerchuks. 

My work consists of photographic haikus documenting the way nature shapes us and how we, in turn, shape the nature around us. I shoot grounded in the belief that nature is the best antidepressant and that the act of creating art is the best therapy. This enables me to discover real life stories of conservation, sustainable development, human migration, education, acts of courage and stories of personal growth. My goal is to encourage you, as well, to discover them first-hand by stepping out. Out of your home, out of your city, out into the world.

Travel and explore!

(but before you do so, hit those social buttons and let's get in touch.)

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